Auto and home Insurance in Newton and Norwood, MA

Risk management with auto and home insurance

Insurance is about risk management and auto and home insurance are no exceptions. If you own a car or drive a car there are risks involved. If you own a home, there are risks involved. The best way to protect yourself against the financial risks is to have proper insurance.  Remsen Insurance is an independent agent serving the communities of Newton, Norfolk, Needham, Norwood, Dedhem and Wellesy, MA. They specialize in auto insurance and home insurance and can help you find the right for your risk profile.

When driving a vehicle there is always the risk of a road accident. So it follows that you would want cover in the case your vehicle is damaged or you are injured in a road accident. This type of auto insurance is called collision insurance and it is a big risk to drive around without it. Of course others could be injured or suffer as a result of your negligent driving. In such an event you will be liable for costs associated with such injury or damages. To protect you in the event of 3rd party claims you need liability cover. In fact, liability insurance is compulsory in terms of state law and you are not legally permitted to drive around without it. Your auto insurance can also extend to cover you for other events such as auto theft, storm damage, vandalism, civil unrest and other risks. Your agent will be able to advise you regarding the best options and deals when it comes to auto and car insurance.

Your home is your castle and most likely your single biggest investment. You don’t want to lose that investment should it all go up in flames. Fire is of course a real risk but there are many other risks such as flooding, burglaries, accidents and so on. Having the right home insurance should be one of the pillars of your financial and risk management strategies.